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Project Daisychain

A Cloverfield RPG

Project Daisychain: A Cloverfield RPG
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Manhattan, the stomping ground of the monster code-named Cloverfield, has become a no man's land. The bridges and tunnels are destroyed. There’s no way in or out. And the people who survived the attack, the people who still live there, have found themselves cohabiting with a twenty-story-tall monster who’s decided to make New York City its new home.

But something about Manhattan is a little different. Like the absence of cell phone signals, television broadcasts, airplanes in the sky. like the sudden, unexplained arrivals of strangers who don't quite seem to belong on Earth. Why has the military suddenly stopped mobilizing against the monster? Why has New York City been so thoroughly cut off from the rest of the world? And what is the infection being spread by crab parasites?

The answers are hidden just behind the curtain, but be careful of looking too closely. Cause Manhattan after the attack is a whole new world...and Big Mommy is always watching.


Project Daisychain is a multifandom LiveJournal RPG based off of the movie Cloverfield. A knowledge of Cloverfield is helpful but not necessary as this game does not involve anyone from the movie—except, of course, for the monster.

Project Daisychain allows characters from any video game, anime, manga, movie, book, TV show, etc as long as they are canon-based. You can choose to play a native of New York City—living in Manhattan before the attack of code-name Cloverfield, or Big Mommy as some locals have nicknamed it—or a new arrival from another world.

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